TheMyth Is Swingin' A 440
Sep 26 2016

So for about $10,000 you got 9-1/2 years of truck. That’s not really too bad.

Sep 6 2016

“Oh hey, here’s a police chase. Let’s narrate it like some bros judging a wet t-shirt contest in Cancun on spring break. Oh wait. What is this? Could it possibly be one of the likely outcomes of a police chase? TOO FAR. Sorry folks. Didn’t expect real life to happen so quickly!” Read more

Sep 6 2016

This is disgusting. I can’t believe in the desperate search for mid-day ratings, a network TV station would air such garbage. I hope more people get angry about this, ugh, Rudy Giuliani, what a waste.

Sep 1 2016

Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City...this is what happens when America doesn’t take teaching Math to kids seriously.

Aug 24 2016

I think god loves us a latte but sometimes he has to espresso his anger with us.

Aug 24 2016

Oh this dude is “gluten-sensitive” for sure.

Aug 24 2016

This dude sounds insufferable. I hope he steps on Legos every morning.

Aug 24 2016

With as retarded of a list of wants as he has, this is the only suitable option.