Mar 13 2019

And this is, quite unironically and amazingly, the best proof of Marchman’s point — the American experiment literally begins with a select group of privileged people speaking for a circumscribed “We” and the whole of American history since has been a neverending struggle to reconcile that one fucking word.

Jan 17 2019

I think it’s smart. If you want to grow the game, it’s probably a good idea to send over two teams that fans can watch and think “Well, I could do that.” 

Aug 7 2018

I think the Rockets’ implosion over the next couple years is gonna be pretty fun to watch. Chris Paul is somehow both one of the greatest point guards of all time while also possibly being the main reason Chris Paul will never win a championship.

Jul 25 2018

Against the shift in general I agree, but in this situation I think the relievers job is to not give up a dinger. Presumably the closer can handle the bottom third of the lineup and they just didn’t like the lefty-lefty matchup on a guy that hits for power or flyballs. Obviously the intentional walk would be more Read more

Sep 30 2017

I’m really not looking forward to the comments about how it isn’t speedrunning unless you’re playing the game precisely as intended by the developers or as played by a layperson, except quickly.

Aug 22 2017

It annoys me that the color guy doubled down on his incorrect “good enough” opinion of the bunt and then was let off the hook because Holt goofed. Read more

Nov 3 2016

you are this upset about a team of people you don’t know losing a game? Imagine how you might feel if your people were virtually exterminated over a span of hundreds of years, thrown onto reservations, and forced to watch what was left of your people and culture become a caricature for a baseball team.... Read more

Oct 12 2016

See, I’m sure it’s informative, but then I’d have to listen to Malcolm fucking Gladwell.

Jul 25 2016

Eve, you know that this guy is probably going to read this article online, that jab at the end about the penis kind of ruined the whole article for me. It’s a very serious topic for Mr. Kepner.

Jul 17 2016

Really? Are you guys really gonna post one of these EVERY TIME the Giants lose on a walk off balk? Guess it must get pretty boring at your magazine huh smh

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Jul 17 2016

Because when we give umpires discretion on calls players tend to take it too far and we end up with Chase Utley trying to take someone’s leg off.

Apr 21 2016

This entire piece, from beginning to end, is a study in confirmation bias and bad reporting. Sorry Stone, you’ve gotten this very, very wrong. Read more

Feb 24 2016

They’re BOTH narcissist buffoon dictatorial sociopaths. It’s a fucking horror show either way.