1) Solid argument about Democrats being babies. The “I know you are but what am I” strategy. Read more

I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order, Read more


My dog is a feminist too. And ready for this fireworks shit to be done.

That’s the one. That’s why literally every tenured professor, as well as every student, at Harvard is a bilingual undocumented queer woman of color, and White men are only allowed on the premises as security guards and footstools. Read more

“judgmental, self-absorbed, and unreflective,” should be xoJane’s tagline. Read more

I am sad at how easy it was for him to prove his point. Read more

I don’t accept your lifestyle as a bigot.

Pay fucking attention to the crimes being discussed in either instance. Read more

The answer to your questions are: Read more

Mongo only pawn in game of life.

Add making me side with Fox News to the reasons I hate Donald Trump. Read more

Trans girls aren't young men. And, if they're going through any hormonal changes, it's probably the same ones your daughter would be going through, because we have modern medicine now that does such things. So, how about you either take a chill pill, or have the decency to own your transphobia. Don't hide behind your Read more

A “young woman” would not be using a shared bathroom with “young men” - a transgendered person would be using it with one (and only one) of those groups. Read more

She’s not a doctor, MD, PhD or otherwise. She has a Masters from Columbia. Her “PhD” is in “Holistic Nutrition” from the Clayton College of Natural Health, an institution that is specifically cited as not accredited, that hands out degrees that are not accepted in most places and illegal to even claim in some, and Read more

Y’all need to get back to bringing Caitlyn Doughty around because the Death Fear around here strooong.

Asking for locks of hair is INCREDIBLY common when families lose a loved one. Much more than people realize, I think. But everyone is so afraid to talk about it... Read more