Jun 6 2018

“I’ve found that most threats of violence that are yelled out of Volkswagen Jettas are unfounded.”  Read more

Aug 10 2017

I think it’s pathetic how people create these silly drinking games. Be it beer pong, flip cup, cards, you name it. Just juvenile. Drinking is supposed to be done alone, from the bottle, in your darkened living room.

Jul 24 2017

Racism? At an Indians game?

Jun 15 2017

“Whatever, that’s not even my favorite World Series,” he said, printing out a boarding pass to Williamsport.

Jun 6 2017

Nope, no thumb drives either. These machines are locked down to disable all removable media unless you have done the paperwork for burn rights. Also, you plug something like this in and trip some kind of monitoring software, they now know now who tried doing it on whatever machine....

May 17 2017

It’s probably LaVar Ball you idiot

May 15 2017

In Atlanta they call that ‘the bottom of the first’.

Apr 5 2017

Is 2017 the year Deadspin writes nice articles about the Cardinals or something? I do not like this new Deadspin.

Mar 27 2017

Oh boo hoo. Guess what, people’s dreams get crushed every single day and you don’t see us crying about it. Go home, lock yourself in a closet, and then cry, like a man.

Mar 23 2017

Oh yeah, sorry, it’s kind of obscure, it’s the Blue Jackets’ entire history from 2000-2016

Mar 6 2017

You must be new to Deadspin Barry, we call those dongs here.

Mar 6 2017

it seems like it offers the things I like most about live baseball: Sitting outside in nice weather, eating and drinking, and just absorbing the entire sensory experience—the smells, the sounds—without necessarily caring that much about who wins or loses, or even who plays. Read more

Feb 24 2017

Top 10 what all-time? Players? No, he isn’t. He really, really, really, really isn’t. He’s not even in the top three at his own position. Maybe fifth-best center, but even then, it’s largely a by-product of him just being much bigger than everyone else. He’s not even close to a top 10 player in terms of talent.

Feb 23 2017

In high school I too was very supertititious and I didn’t flog the dolphin the night before games. We had a particular stretch of games where we had games every other day so I didn’t do the deed for two weeks, but when I did...well...think Mount St. Helens (the side blew off).

Feb 21 2017

Yeah, French weapons are great. They have never been fired and only dropped once.

Jan 29 2017

Lynch, who has most recently served as an analyst on Fox Read more

Jan 15 2017

Hope he’s okay. Rodney’s one of those under the radar guys who don’t get no respect.

Jan 12 2017

Valid points though. +1