8/16/16 7:02PM

I became a Deadspin Commenter, mainly after being a Tyler Rogoway fanboy for a bit of time. One comment on Deadspin will always, always make me laugh. PKellen2313- you funny anonymous person. Read more

8/12/16 11:32AM

The Israeli delegation should just walk around in “Back-to-back-to-back-to-back Israeli-Arab War Champion” Shirts.

5/31/16 11:23PM

Not saying anything about the fact that the guy doesnt have his Hennessey Vette, or $70K back- that sucks.

5/31/16 5:51PM

Yea...but dudes dropping that kind of cash on a toy, generally dont need that money...just an observation.

5/31/16 5:50PM

It always seems like “Big Tuners” are shady. I always felt sketched out when I was dealing with an unnamed tuner in California that did Big Turbo kits for 1.8T Audis. As a kid that grew up in Houston, Hennessey is a legend, but none of this stuff is new or really all that surprising- but holy crap is it shady. Good Read more

5/31/16 5:32PM

Jason, the fact that a guy dropped $70,000+ a Corvette+Shipping+Delivery+Registration in Qatar....and now needs that money urgently, is weird...

5/17/16 6:16PM

DC resident here- more of this please. These things are a nuisance and the Police cant do anything but confiscate and destroy them.

3/25/16 4:40PM

and I for the life of me wish Kinja had a sarcasm button, specifically the last part of that comment, Rangers are babyfaces most of the time, for sure.

3/25/16 4:38PM

Sure I do! Just an opinion, my man. My guess was they were probably some sort of AF Security team, or Im getting older ;-)

3/23/16 10:18PM

Also can confirm, loosely. Keep in mind a lot of those pers moves in and out of Libya on small aircraft are State/Agency assets(not bang-bang/Jason Bourne types but DSS/GRS assets tasked with securing American Assets, not direct action). The recent F-15 movements in England to just about anywhere friendly all over the Read more

3/23/16 6:39PM

Nope. They will hit back with every probing attack, they have tons of help in the area.

3/16/16 10:08AM

meh- not really. He had moved to a more conservative view on Jihadis- perhaps youre not familiar with the “allahu Akbar” being put on the Iraqi flag. Saddam was going to fall he knew that he had to do everything he could to embrace the Sunnis(ergo the Wahabbists) the US/UK just helped it along; he was terrified of the Read more

3/14/16 3:27PM

Cheering it on, making off color jokes and probably drinking a bit too much. Carry on!