Aug 17 2015

The utterly best thing about this list is the comments thread, in which a host of pen-and-paper grognards demonstrate that one of the greatest things about tabletop roleplay is that there is absolutely no such thing as a useless spell or item when a half-dozen-or-so smart and creative people sit down at the gaming Read more

May 19 2015

I now understand where Pratchett got his inspiration for this scene (From Men At Arms)
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May 13 2015

All of these pale in relation to what a true action hero needs, Grip, the stronger the ability to grip, the better.

May 13 2015

Action hero that plays by the rules.

May 11 2015

I am your future. Stop crying.

May 4 2015

And of course...

Mar 30 2015

I never get how people can write these kinds of analyses about Harry Potter without reaching the obvious conclusion that Harry is the primary benefactor of the pervasive classism, an unimpressive jock who doesn't work particularly hard or show any particular intelligence, but who gets propped up at every turn by the Read more

Mar 19 2015

Ah Shadowrun... I shall never forget a run we had once. The mission was to get a guy out of his corporation so he could join another one. We started planning some complex stealth mission... Read more

Mar 4 2015

Nobody here is saying all Muslims are awful, just these jerks destroying cultural heritage.

Feb 3 2015

I see, I see. Because slapping hugely inflated reparations on Germany worked out so well for everybody the first time.

Feb 2 2015

I know many people will think this is terrible idea, but with all the studios racing to emulate Marvel and establish a shared world for their film series, Arthurian legend holds a lot of potential for such a thing.
As you point out, each of the knights has a lot of stories not directly linked with Camelot, so a Merlin Read more

Feb 2 2015

I want to see more about the aptly named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film.

Jan 23 2015

Those remain; it's the icebergs that are gone. The out of touch rich people got their revenge.

Jan 14 2015

Some call me leader, others a visionary. But most often I am called a desperate form of protein.

Jan 14 2015

... some thinkers have chosen to see Christine Hendricks as a final and clinching proof of the NON-existence of God. Read more

Jan 14 2015

Religious harmony on io9! Somehow I always knew it would happen here.