Jul 3

Unpopular opinion: Inception is way overrated. Pretty to look at, but intellectually empty. I enjoyed it but have no reason to ever watch it again. It’s what happens when you give someone plenty of money to invest in a pretentious project that really only makes sense in terms of itself.  The ending is not as deep as Read more

Mar 6 2019

Also, why would you use some bendy screwdriver thing when a perfectly normal one would be easier to destroy your hardware with precision? 

Also, why would you use some bendy screwdriver thing when a perfectly normal one would be easier to destroy your

Dec 15 2018

Idk about a lawsuit like this but apple definitely was being misleading with the marketing images

Dec 15 2018

I mean, even hardcore Apple fans can't say that background choice was anything less than strategic.

May 29 2018

No one cares about Soros except the right who have been using him as code for decades to get around being anti-Semitic and just saying those dirty Kikes. Read more

Feb 27 2018

I bet this acquisition is more about data than it is about home/office entry. Amazon will acquire Ring, make the cloud recording service free for all Prime customers, and they will turn their AI to mining front-door video data. What can they learn about front-door data, you ask? Everything. When do you go to work? Read more

Nov 17 2017

I often wondered what does a VP of Diversity and Inclusion for fortune 500 companies actually do? Is this merely a title companies create so that they can check off the diversity box? Or, are there actual documented substantive changes to corporate policy or possibly career advancement opportunities created for Read more

Jul 12 2017

She did, but a whole lot of it is plastic surgery as well. She looked a lot more like her brothers before her entire face/nose/jawline was tweaked and redone.

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Oct 13 2015

This is ridiculous. They are making a 5,400 RPM drive standard in the machine, then a 1TB Fusion drive as an UPGRADE, but you get stuck with a 24GB SSD. So, to get to the 128GB SSD equipped Fusion Drive that you could get before, you have to upgrade again to 2TB. Read more

Sep 9 2015

Perfect. $1,300 to read comics. Sounds like a good investment.

Aug 18 2015

It’s not a different set of rules, it is the rule. If you are introducing a new competitor to the market, it has to be better or have some thing really special going for it. The first Mac, iPhone, iPad all did this. They were better than the competition in an insane way. Read more

Jul 15 2015

There was a Cracked article that said “Unbreakable” was one act away from being “Batman Begins” a decade before Nolan gets there. It’s interesting