Mr Orlove, you somewhat forgot to mention that the 6R4 was developed by Williams, the F1 outfit. Patrick Head was in charge of the chassis. And it was probably the first ever rally car with proper aero work done to it. Read more

Seriously? How is this post-worthy. How do people own cars and not know what these are. Read more

Confirmed it is an Individual Program car, you can see it on the shock tower sticker on the website. These are not ordered by dealers, but ordered by Individuals through dealers, everyonce in awhile someone gets these and is unable to secure financing, and you get these maxed out overpriced cars.

BMW used to have 2 Read more

I wouldn’t excuse the driver, either. He’s a dick. They’re both dicks. Everyone’s a dick. Read more

If I was the guy I would be measuring the neighbor’s lawns every day and calling the code enforcement types if they go over the limit by even a millimeter. Two can play the asshole neighbor game.
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The ‘fucking lawyers’ were hired by the fucking assholes who fucking hated their fucking neighbor’s fucking garage, you fucking dunce. Read more

I’m going to be pist if after all this time the best thing they can do is a laferrari vs 918 vs p1 as their big shebang. Harris did it and they’ll never touch him. Clarkson already copied his Yas Marina p1. Read more

How on earth am I supposed to carry ladies and gentlemen? I’m not a fucking bus.
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This guy is too much. However, disproving his lies won’t change anything. His angry lunatic uneducated supporters will continue to believe the lies. Read more

I believe its called “fun”. Give it a try sometime. Read more

So having strictly mandated engine and hybrid system rules and yet managing to absolutely trounce Ferrari, Renault and Honda is not ‘engineering’ or ‘competition’? On top of that the Mercedes car is absolutely fantastic. And BTW we don’t even know all the tech that Mercedes has used in its engine and hybrid systems. Read more

WEC is engineering competition the only reason AMG is out front is they got the engine formula right and the F1 rules stops teams from improving. Read more

When I look at this photograph, I can't help but to think that maybe making cars isn't what Volkswagen should be doing.

If I owned that Huracan, I would walk smugly up to the police station after the seven days, and after I get my keys back, "I would say, enjoy it while you had it, you'll never own one in your life time officers!" Read more

Well, if you want blame for this mess besides the owners of Caterham F1. Its on Bernie and the FIA with their failed cost cutting ideas. Read more

I bought my 2009 E92 M3 in Space Gray 6 years ago. I ordered it with every option. Sure the options add some weight but with the power the car has, it's not noticeable. I've tracked mine a few times to really enjoy the car...truly amazing on the track. After 6 years I've managed to keep my M3 pristine with now only