Piracy is rationalized entitlement. Read more

In the latest episode of Fave This, Gita Jackson and Maddy Myers talk about the never-ending debate around games like Bayonetta. What do people miss when they obsess over whether or not something is ‘sexist’? Beyond their lurid character designs, what do games like Nier: Automata and Soul Calibur actually say or

Well, for what it’s worth, in some of the first few gifs, there’s nothing wrong. The popper/cracker comes back very quickly (though that does seem too quick), but I’m mostly speaking of the second one, on.

In the second one, you clearly see that Spring Man’s Toaster is held back and basically goes through the green Read more

I’m so sorry that you’re experiencing so much pain as the result of people critiquing an artistic decision Read more

nooooooo if there were blacksmiths that could fix red weapons, then we’d all constantly feel obliged to fast travel back to a town the minute anything turned red. Think about it, you’re in the middle of exploring a really cool new area and your beloved sword turns red... welp, better go get it fixed. We’d negate the Read more

Well that’s a disturbing set of priorities. But hey, a minor inconveniencein a video game because an international relief organization wants to keep the symbol they’ve been using since 1863 free of commercial entanglements is totally reasonable. I’m sure those volunteers getting blown up and killed in various warzones Read more

Whaaaaaa I won’t support a foundation that helps thousands of people in times of crisis every week because my video game health packs look different.... Read more

I just ran around on randomly generated levels until I got bored. Read more

Lemme be clear: I don’t think this represents the fighting game community at all. It’s a wildly diverse group of people, as is the case with any community. The difference with the FGC—and all competitive esports—is that things happen in the spotlight, so you’re more likely to see awful things happen. But myself (and Read more

They showed the Ibuki trailer, they are not going to talk about the possible Evo ban because nobody outside of SF players cares if an unreleased character gets banned at one tournament, you can go to an actual fighting game site for that, everyone else will cover Evo when Evo actually starts. Other than that there are Read more

That’s still rub though. The authors of Red Son, of Injustice, of Kingdom Come, of any story where Superman is “off” and try and tell you “this is the correct version of Superman. This is how he SHOULD be. This is right.” The reason those stories work so well is readers inherently know it ISN’T right. It’s about

Naotora Ii was a real woman, who chose to dress nothing like this. She was a noblewoman and a warrior and would have dressed as appropriate for her position and time period.
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So you, who doesn’t care, scrolled past an article to comment about how you don’t care and that you think no one else cares. Value added. Read more

Great climbing there champ. You made it like one fifth of the way up that tree. Read more

Okay, here is the behind the scenes stuff you don’t see here. Read more

Hello, throwaway account for a camgirl here. Read more

Everyone else went to the other bombsite where they killed the rest of the enemy team but one guy from the enemy team as gonna plant the bomb on the other site and the others would be too late to come diffuse it giving the terrorists the win for that game if it wasn’t for Bot Oliver to figure out their dastardly plan Read more

Except, you know, no data mining in the cloud on Apple’s servers. I like Apple’s approach. Read more