Mar 3

Jalopnik is one of the very few outlets that does not agree to informational embargoes. That means that other outlets sign extensive non-disclosure agreements, agreeing to sit on information for days, weeks, sometimes months in advance, and not say a peep about it until a manufacturer’s marketing team says they can. Read more

Apr 25 2018

My brother-in-law is on his third. He also wears shoes with Velcro.

Feb 21 2018

Renault Alliance’s head gaskets are made of recycled wet kleenex. And no one knows how to properly fix them. I nearly lost my life gaining the knowledge of this secret.

Feb 21 2018

The Saturn Astra was actually a practical joke played by GM management on American consumers.

Feb 21 2018

If you leave your 1980s Volkswagen Everymodel outside in the rain for *just* the right amount of time (no worries, it’s not long), you can get yourself many leaks, which will in turn destroy your electrical system. Read more

Feb 21 2018

Due to a glitch in the universe, replacing the heater core in a ‘99 Expedition will cause it to spawn about 30 extra screws. Theoretically, this glitch could be exploited to generate infinite screws and violate conservation of mass.

Dec 13 2017

Although it’s difficult to understand why some people need to climb over things.

Oct 11 2017

Introducing: The Jeep Renegade Rubicon SRT-4 Dakar Hellcat Trailhawk Dune Crawler Sahara!

Sep 10 2017

Meanwhile, across the street, the BMW folks are hopeful that they’ll be able to squeeze in a second car.