Aug 28

I wish that I could just get Warframe to “click” for me. This and a lot of other things Warframe does always sounds so fucking cool, but I just bounce off of it every time I try to play it. Now I’m at the point that its been so long since I started it, I have zero idea how to play it, and last I knew, there wasn’t Read more

Jul 31

I don’t really need her to be hyper-sexualized like she was in every other appearance (especially the arcade game), but the Dark Queen really does look nothing like she used to. Maybe this is a prequel and she gets transformed somewhere in the middle of the game?

Jul 22

Christ, what an asshole.

Jul 20

As a fan of tribes, I agree completely 

Jul 18

I haven’t forgotten the crass response to EGS exclusivity. If you pledge to support a certain storefront (even if it’s Humble or non-steam) to crowdfunders you should deliver on that promise. Switching up fullfilment for cash money is very uncouth.

Jul 18

Remember when the devs talked shit about their fanbase for completely spitting in the face of Kickstarter backers? I sure do and won't forget either

Jul 14

Well, I hope Orcs Must Die 3 comes to PC eventually, because I love those games.

Jun 30

updates will be slower than what? they’ve basically ignored StW forever so we wont notice if they keep ignoring it :/

Jun 22

Vault Boy is finally in a game that wont crash at 60 fps!

Jun 22

There have already been four main-series Crash Bandicoot games since Crash 3, so this one really should be Crash 8. Read more

Jun 13

I’m still sad about this game not being on Steam on release. I get it indie dev needs more money and etc and Epic provides that, but until it releases on Steam, I’ll be holding off from buying it till then.

May 20

...the new Legion system, which is said to support “hundreds of thousands” of enemies on-screen.

May 20

Like Stadia’s going to exist until 2021.

May 20

wouldn’t the solution be to play with a party that doesn’t harass you instead of playing with pick up group of randos?

May 19

“it lets you design your home, customise furniture and customise almost every facet of your character’s appearance. There’s also an open world neighbourhood outside your walls to interact with, which will have jobs, friendships and events to take part in.” Read more

May 18

Nah, the MK11 models stray very, very close to the Uncanny Valley, and seeing them smile puts them straight over. Sonya, Johnny, and Cassie have the same problem.

May 12

There’s nothing xenophobic about being wary of an authoritarian regime’s attempt to influence our culture through our economic system. Tencent is essentially the corporate division of the Chinese government, and it exists to forward their agenda.

Mar 30

If there’s any game in the series that really doesn’t need remake treatment, that’s the one. And honestly, I’d rather get a new entry with a stronger identity (ala RE7) than a souped up version of anything else. Of the three most recent Resident Evil games, that’s been by far the most interesting of the bunch.