3:15 PM

Just once, I want to see a "we laid off a bunch of people at our studio... and helped them set up a brand new studio, while we hired a huge batch of new talent to train in the ways of great game making! While we're sad to see our friends go, they've got a great foundation to build more games. Our mission, as always, Read more

3:27 PM

You know nothing You Know Nothing John Snow

3:18 PM

Have you never used a type of Linux. They still tend to feature directories, aka folders. Any Linux Distro with a GUI isn't that far off from using Windows as far as file navigation goes.

12:51 PM

This is a kind of dated argument, as Japanese have been steadily becoming more interested in Western games, including FPS (though on the whole they still prefer TPS and games where you can see your character, as opposed to games where you are the character). Read more

8:04 PM

Agreed, this is an attitude in other Eastern Asian countries as well. When I was a teacher in Korea on numerous occasions my students drew cartoons of the 2 towers falling in a joking manner (on projects related to American history). I was taken a back by this and really wanted to ask them how they would feel if I Read more

12:36 PM

It's called the Metal Max series. They released one in the US. They have more choices to make in them and more ways to play through them than honestly any western RPG that isn't an Ultima game. Read more

10:07 PM

It's amazing how people can still call those who want privacy a "tin-foil hat crowd" given the NSA/PRISM/Snowden exposure.

It's one thing to claim someone is being needlessly paranoid about monsters under their bed.

It's an entirely different thing to claim someone is being needlessly paranoid about monsters under Read more

1:49 PM

New Vegas is Fallout 3 with a better story, to me.

8:17 AM

Someone plots to kill you, like seriously makes a plan, buys the gun, drives over to your place, etc. They get there and with the gun held against your temple go "nah" and walk away. Are you going to be friends with that person? Me either.

6:21 PM

Yeah, I did. I was a little worried, because I've loved the DualShock design and all of its little tweaks since the PS1. This is a pretty big facelift, but it holds true to the things I liked before while making everything else better.

The analogue sticks are tighter and a bit smaller, and they have a semi-convex, Read more

2:37 PM

Because they deliberately sold customers a broken game.

1:48 PM

That's a shame, and it's a double-shame we never got them as some sort of DLC. I would've much preferred a new city hub instead of the Missing Link. I would pay money for a DLC pack like that without any remorse.

10:03 PM

Really, I've never experienced this and I've worked in Saudia Arabia.

Each and every reply you've made has had a anti-muslim or pro white tone to it. If you're wanting to make a point, just come out and say it.

9:08 PM

They can also be uninformed. Most people are allergic to actual risk and depth in their action combat, so it's no surprise Monster Hunter is usually treated with reflexive snark in the mainstream gaming media. Read more