Jul 24

I think that car is registered to Bobby Tables!

Oct 20 2019

I’m a scuba diver, and this is actually pretty common among quarries that are used for scuba diving training/recreation. Read more

Nov 29 2018

The Netflix Marvel shows were overrated. They were "fine".

Jul 10 2018

One problem with this take. After he started publicly musing over ideas, he actually did start talking to the dive rescue team privately on email. The “sub” concept was developed with input from the rescue divers and they continued to press Musk to design and deliver the sub, as shown in a series of emails posted to Read more

Apr 18 2018

I feel you on that (get it?). My gf does not do the feel thing either when it comes to driving. I’ve tried to teach her on my BRZ. She gets frustrated after a few tries. She has to have equal portions right foot moving down and left foot moving up to operate two pedals at once. That’s a problem when the clutch engages Read more

Feb 21 2018

My 2016 WRX Sport which is the mid-trim Canadian model does not have a trunk button (I had to go and double check). It looks like the top trim stuff does however.

Nov 21 2017

Starred for the Roo story. I twice overheated my old Roos(EA81&82s) by pushing too much snow: the radiator packed & couldn’t pass any air. Good times indeed

Oct 10 2017

Yeah, that’s called a variation...some factories have to alter the paint formulas because of atmospheric conditions so they look like cars from other factories, but they will actually look completely different if you sit them next to a standard-formula car.