Thank you - and I mean this sincerely and in the best possible way - for wasting a tremendous, tremendous amount of my time.

That guy is the Buffalo Bills of bullfighting.

I tried multiple times to expand the image because I thought, “there’s no way Kobe would have screwed up this meme.” He did, though.

Looks like the race war has begun.

Hey buddy, why don’t you make like Stuart Scott’s eye and look somewhere else?

Other than that, Cespedes had a great game last night. Went 2 for 4, had an RBI and put one in the upper deck.

look into the taint area of ur heart...and u will discover the most magical playground

“NO NO NO! Shembo, you’re being too rough with Dior! YOU HAVE TO PAT HIM NICELY!” Read more

No wonder Chunks seems so satisfied with sixth place.

Katie Nolan threw salt in his wounds much like the United States army did when they seeded clouds above Khe Sanh to regulate the amount of fog using sodium as a deterrent against the composition of the stratus cloud. Despite not being a terribly successful attempt, it was in the same vein as Operation Popeye, which Read more

If you call Thuzio, the "on-hold" music is just Mike Tyson singing Phil Collins songs.