Jun 22
A pretty nice Mustang

It’s for sale. A 1970 Mustang with a 351 Windsor, 2-barrel, auto, power steering and brakes. $15k CAD seems like the

Feb 23
Hey all

The universe can be a real shitty place. Make sure your loved ones know how you feel and cherish the important things

Dec 31

Wagon should never be it’s own model, as that’s disastrous for economies of scale. Wagons under this plan would come in compact (Mazda 3 Wagon) and mid-sized (Honda Accord Wagon). 

Dec 28

People in the exotic car world (owners, people that deal with them on the daily) literally say the opposite. 456,612, FF are in the absolute bottom of any want list. Service pros despite them. Owners freak when they realize the costs involve to keep them in perfect order is enough to buy the car again every 3-4 years.

Dec 6

These conversations don’t make any sense and come across as very naive to me. The whole boomer’s vs the world thing that’s in vogue atm is kind of ridiculous. Why stop there? Why not blame the people who started the industrial revolution? What about the Victorians? The greatest generation maybe? They lived in a world Read more

Dec 6 2015

yes. 5/5 Stars and great reviews at vodkabuzz dot com. i order Ketel when i’m at the bar but if i buy a whole bottle at the liquor store i get Sobieski. i did a blind taste test with all my friends and they loved it! go for lemon lime seltzer as a mix for a refreshing low calorie go-to cocktail! vodka+seltzer+lime! Read more