Mitsubishi should hire that designer though, they fixed the ugly. Read more

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More Brazilian moto cop helmet cam--- but this one’s got a bit more resolution, AND grand theft auto music......

Apparently not the same engine they use in the Mustang turbo Read more

“Olive Garden is a fancy restaurant.” 

Any kind of CE/base model badge should say “I should have worked harder.” Read more

Well done, Jason! However, please consider modifying your class 3 criteria. As is, “LE” or “SE” would qualify, and they just don’t seem to fit the spirit. Read more

I’m just surprised it beat the Trabant
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R107 > everything

Why not? Low center of gravity, wide track width, longer wheelbase compared than most CUVs, short rear overhang, good horsepower, adequate payload for the hitch weight of a small trailer.

i will be eventually. a 2015 no less. with 800hp. race tires and a jack take up a ton of space inside, especially if other people who arent the size of a postcard want to attend as well. Read more

It needs to be in 1:1 full scale? Because I really dig photographing my diecast models:


My fiat can do this. I promise.

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To those saddened by the lack of colourful British swear words in the video, I offer this:

Before you ask for it:

He might have to overnight some parts from Japan, but this will decimate all (of his bank account). Read more