Apr 9

Oh I thought we were talking about giving Justin attention for a shitty opinionated article. Although that is the norm for Jalopnik now a days 

Apr 9

“If literally one thing goes wrong—if the team needs to call for help or a tow truck, if they get stopped, if they crash—literally anything goes wrong here and these guys would be pulling resources from an otherwise already overloaded system, not to mention potentially increasing the risk of contracting coronavirus by Read more

May 4 2019

While I’M at it,if any constituents are zombies it’s you liberals! You share three brain cells, obviously,tonight wasn’t your turn to use them! "Liberalism is the philosophy of the stupid" M. Levin

Mar 13 2018

He should be in jail whether rich or poor, he murdered 2 people. He got off because his corrupt attorneys played the race card and made the trial a circus. He got off because a black jury put race above facts, evidence, and DNA.

Dec 27 2017

Cars are for everyone. There is no conspiracy trying to keep women out of it. True story, I got a 240Z years ago, no women have ever complimented the car one time, get a lot of attention from men though.

Much in the way that Star Wars performance at the box office is suffering due to becoming a political statement and

Dec 27 2017

I think the grandma comment is nitpicking. Didn’t Buick run an ad campaign about how the new ones aren’t your granddad’s Buick? Grandparents in general usually pick slower more comfortable cars.

Dec 27 2017

I laughed at the Audi commercial... but I guess I don’t go around looking to be offended by everything.

Nov 29 2017

So the video of people being thrown from a roof was in face a video of people being thrown from a roof. So, it sounds like the video is exactly what it seems. Maybe a better headline would have been “the full story of the video trump tweeted” or “here is the context for the video trump tweeted”. because it really does Read more

Nov 15 2017

Pretty sure the Pope has a Lamborghini, bro.

Aug 4 2017

In Romania, I saw cars regularly pass around blind turns, and also when there were oncoming cars. I had to slam hard on my brakes to avoid hitting a guy coming at me trying to pass on a two-lane road.   Read more

Aug 4 2017

I don’t see anything terribly wrong with the Miata driving. The S2000 driver is upset why?  Because she got passed? And she starts her only little road-rage tantrum. Perhaps if she paid attention to her mirrors she wouldn’t have been surprised by the Miata. There was plenty of room and plenty of forward visibility Read more

May 8 2017

Extra low mileage Murcielago for sale. Recently serviced, fresh paint. Only 37k miles! Asking $250,000 or best. No lowballers, this is a RARE car, I know what I have.

Apr 28 2017

The design of that tractor immediately made me think of this:

Apr 21 2017

How much is George Soros paying you, Matt!?