Here’s the problem. Superhero universes need good cops and need good authority figures. Abolishing the cops is a bad idea not just in real life but ESPECIALLY in a universe where we have things like Hydra. Or alien invasions. Or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Superheroes can’t solve every single crime on their own, Read more

I don’t disagree with you, but there are problems here. When crafting a super-hero story, you’re contending with an uneasy tension, because one of the things we like to ignore about super-hero stories is that vigilantism is wrong. Super-hero stories even end up making it the worst case scenario: they exist in a space Read more

Wouldn’t the same people that want to defund the police be against vigilantes? I don't know how can we root for Spider-Man in that context.  Read more

Miles wanting to assist the police kind of makes sense though. Being the son of an officer killed in the line of duty, you’d think it would establish a clear Good vs. Bad, in his mind. He’s even got lines about making his father proud in one of the cutscenes. It could be argued that he’s more focused on the memory of Read more

“Miles is the Black, Latinx son of a slain cop and an aspiring local politician whose entire campaign revolved around making Harlem a stronger, safer community for its residents, despite the lack of support and resources it’s historically been afforded.” Read more

I dunno! In my day we got 48 episodes a year. Read more

I....disagree. Way more TV series of all kinds need to normalize depictions of healthy platonic relationships. The last three “girl power” shows I’ve watched (Korra, She-Ra, Xena) have all gone the “female BFF lead characters are gay/bi” route, and I really deeply appreciated Buffy making it okay to have people “just Read more

I think they could have come up with some creative story ways to shoot responsibly. Read more

I think getting rid of Chibnall would breed more creativity, and more episodes. Read more

From a clean energy standpoint this really doesn’t make that much sense. You still have a huge number of on gas properties and all you do is shift the usage. From a safety point of view of a city in an earthquake zone, it would have made sense decades ago, but it doesn’t pass the carbon muster. Read more

The doctor tries to never cross their own timeline as it could create a paradox. Read more

Didn’t they already do that though? He says “rather than the usual 11”, but the show was producing 13-14 episodes a year before he took over. Sure, it semi-regularly took a longer than normal hiatus between seasons, but he didn’t put a stop to that either. Read more

Why dont they just travel back a year and film the new season before the coronavirus started? Read more

Maybe they can convert their broiler burners to #2 fuel oil? It would also add a savory, signature aroma to their food. Read more

So, they have rolling blackouts from PG&E because they can’t handle the load, but they want to remove a person’s ability to cook food even with no electricity? Right, makes sense... Read more

Sounds like that’s going to suck if you want to build a new restaurant (after the exemption period) and want to have sautéed menu items. I mean, electric burners are fine in a home, I guess, but in a high volume kitchen? Any chefs around here want to weigh in on how that’s going to work? Read more

So don’t they already have enough problems with their powergrid? They’re actually increasing the load on it some more? Damn, they’re a bunch of masochists over there. Read more

I wouldn’t be so sure about all white kids getting the same response from law enforcement. If they come from a family that’s had dealings with the police the disappearance will be viewed as typical, even inevitable, of that family, or dismissed as a runaway, or the result of the family associating with unsavory types. Read more

Actually, it is true—local police don’t even have the authority to issue an Amber Alert, and it is not used for runaways or parental abductions unless violence is implicated. From the official Louisiana Amber Alert state website: Read more