Mar 2 2014

1. Why is he addressing "middle class White Americans" for the most part as if they're the only ones who are offended by blackface? Oh wait, I have the answer: because he clearly cares more about white people than black people. Read more

Mar 1 2014

Ha, I was adopted into a white family from India, I also grew up in Minnesota. And I have heard most of these comments. :) lucky you!

Dec 2 2013

Whatever the part of the anatomy is that prevents random fucked-up things you think to yourself from coming out of your mouth or your fingertips and being interpreted via speech or writing for a larger audience - prefrontal cortex, maybe? This dude is missing that part. Read more

Dec 2 2013

You know the panties he's talking about are Underoos. Carry on Jezebel and your whites-only brand of feminism. Endorse a pedophilic monster who preys on young black women.

Dec 1 2013

I mean, to be fair, I would dance on his grave if Scott Walker died tomorrow. It's not ok to joke about it for Paul Walker's family's sake, I do feel bad for them, and the tweets were out of line, but fuck Scott Walker. You certainly have the right (and possibly the obligation) to be disappointed in her, just like Read more

Dec 1 2013

If I have to sound like that in order to publicly proclaim how much I fucking hate that sidthecat piece of shit and have for months, then fine. She's a waste of perfectly good oxygen and always has been.

Erin made a stupid mistake. It happens. She realized she fucked up, she acknowledged it, and sane people move on. Read more

Nov 26 2013

Why is it that when grown ups discussing talk about life experiences Some 1 ALWAYS finds it necessary 2say "well that's not ALL people or "that's not EVERYBODY".... Dude not being a dick, but that's the shit u need 2point out 2little kids & not adults. When u find yourself in a discussion having only that 2bring... Read more

Nov 24 2013

She was not "one of Britain's only female code breakers during World War II." Women were an overwhelming majority at Bletchley Park during the war. What an ignorant bit of misinformation on a site with supposed feminist leanings. Educate yourself, or STFU.

Nov 22 2013

The ways in which White women navigate their FLOTUS-hood will, of course, be different than how a Black woman navigates her's, because, well, because of America. Read more

Nov 10 2013

Yeah both your two heroes misfittoy and sugarhill are white women - they admitted to it. They then spent the rest of the thread arguing about how Bieber isn't malicious and therefore he's worthy of forgiveness. No doubt they would so forgiving when it came to someone making a non 'malicious' rape joke or sexist Read more

Oct 26 2013

That's a load of crap married older woman. Let me guess. You have a man to take care of you. You don't have to take off work to go to DMV. You can afford to spend an hour or two waiting in a line. Let me are able-bodied, unlike my mother who uses a walker and can't stand in line waiting to get an ID just Read more

Oct 24 2013

So, anyway, I was nineteen, and I had problems. I had pretty much been depressed and angry since I could remember, and going to university cut me off from my support system of family and friends. My freshman year, things came to a head in the form of a godawful cliche: my high school boyfriend came home on Read more

Oct 5 2013

Chris Brown has a singular talent for making it impossible to sympathize with him even if he’s recounting a vaguely traumatic incident from his childhood. You know, like that time he lost his virginity to teenage girl. When he was eight. Read more

Oct 4 2013

Amazing writer? Ugh. I don't begrudge him the success he had, but his writing was far from praise worthy.