11/23/20 7:18PM

Okay, so first of all, this problem is pretty much exclusive to early Leafs. As I explained, they didn’t manage heat well and the batteries degrade from that. Most new EVs have a temperature management system that keeps things cool while charging or driving hard. Those batteries will last much longer and won’t degrade Read more

11/16/20 8:32PM

So they upgraded the battery-and-motor system, downgraded the upholstery and threw in a feature that in a sane world would make the car completely uninsurable. Got it. 

11/16/20 2:24PM

If anyone needs a new tool, oil, grease, tape, glue, or anything else definitely check out Project Farm! He tests all products you see in the store and is un-sponsored and un-biased creator. Read more

11/13/20 11:16AM

Is this monstrosity road-legal? Every time I see a lifted truck with huge mud tires, I can’t help but ask how these things can legally be on the road. In the event of a collision, there will be no bumper-to-bumper contact and instead the lifted car will just drive over the other one. If you are really lucky, the lower Read more

11/13/20 9:02AM

Musk is an ignorant asshole, just a straight up bad person. Not “Wow, being a billionaire really has warped his perspective,” which is how I think of most billionaires. He is just a bad guy. He would be a bad guy if he was worth $0.

11/13/20 8:03AM

People like this asshole are why I’m under quarantine right now. So fuck you very much, Elon.

11/06/20 11:16AM

Its real! I have seen this w/my own two eyes at the coffee shop down the street. I live in the desert and these are my neighbors. 

11/06/20 11:00AM

lol at the open carrying to get coffee haha

11/06/20 10:33AM

lifted superduty trucks with q stickers, punisher decals, gadsden stickers, and a blue lives matter flag streaming in the bed all the while the paunchy middle aged white guy driving it is open carrying to get a coffee. Freedumb at its finest. 

11/03/20 12:18PM

Reckless is not voting and giving a lying, broken, grifting grafter another four years to utterly ruin our nation. I think she wanted the child she was bringing into the world to have a better future.