Sep 13 2018

How much money does he really have? If the majority of his wealth is in Amazon stock, then he can’t cash it in without also destroying the value. Yeah, Bezos is rich by any measure, but the story acts like he has billions on hand, which isn’t the same thing.

Sep 11 2018

Someone doesn’t have a degree in fungineering...

Sep 11 2018

I think many of these predictions of the future didn’t really take into account the rise of robots taking the place of human explorers.  We have space probes all over the solar system.  That’s pretty cool.  We have rovers driving all over Mars.  That’s really cool.  We have a space station in orbit.  We have private Read more

Sep 10 2018

as opposed to the dystopian rainy garbage-filled over-crowded city future so many people seem to think we are headed for Read more

Aug 31 2018

It’s always helped me to to remember that “Parts-per-million” is related to “Parts-per-hundred”, or as it’s most commonly called “Percent”. So parts-per-million in this sense is used the same way as “This bridge is 775 meters long, +/- 2%”

Aug 17 2018

First of all - the relevant space agencies involved shouldn’t allow this. It seems pretty obvious that only a scientific instrument designed by and/or for scientists at scientific agencies is all that should go up there. Read more

Aug 16 2018

Yeah, I know it makes me terrible, but so did I. And like you, this was absolutely disappointing...

Aug 14 2018

There is so much that we take for granted now that, 100 or even 50 years ago, we wouldn’t have thought possible. Who knows what discoveries we might make in the next century.

Aug 13 2018

I’m glad of one detail. I’m 53, so i won’t be dating any 42 year olds in that town! 

Aug 2 2018

These goggles seem very practical, especially for large warehouses and constantly shifting stock. Read more

Jul 26 2018

That opening gif is not representative of the reaction she would have. That’s more of an “Oh you..” instead of the more real “What the fuck Adam?!”.

Jul 18 2018

I can’t tell if this is a positive comment or a negative one. I’m gonna choose to believe you can’t wait to see this.