Mar 2

so i can sit on my comfortable couch and play on a 55" OLED screen?

Feb 24

Why do people who are not postal workers have strong opinions about postal worker trucks?

Feb 23

There are areas with so hot a real estate market where making an offer contingent on inspection essentially means you’re never getting a house as someone else won’t do it as insane as that sounds to me. (When I bought my house I got an inspection every time and the first 2x it made me pull my offer)

Feb 5

please be Ryan Reynolds! a surprise deadpool cameo would be amazing.

Jan 26

They would handle it like they do now, have more vehicles than drivers, when they break down a new one comes out, the trays are transferred and someone waits with the truck for the tow.

Jan 24

There is an even bigger question about giant monster movies.... how could they walk on the streets of a big city? Do you know how hollow cities are under their streets? Every time a giant creature would try to walk into a city it would sink 50 feet or a hundred feet into the hollow understructure of a city’s streets.

Jan 22

Yes, this is totally idiotic. I bought the Antifastiche logo (that’s ANTIFA FOLKS) printed on a shirt from this same website like 18 months ago. Potentially I’m now leaked as a “user” in relation to Naziism according to clapping morons here. Congrats.

Jan 22

I personally don’t support doxxing random people, because generally, the vast majority haven’t ordered any “Camp Auschwitz” or similar merchandise, and it would be unfair to them to publish their private information all over the internets.

Jan 19

I eat the sweet potato skins all the time.  Just  little butter and salt

Jan 16

Cheers for looking out for me but we’ve got two weeks past that to further procrastinate up here! :)

Dec 29

Excellent, now when a boomer needs to set up a TV in every room in order to not miss their 24/7 Faux News feed, they can have it in mini-LED 8K!

Dec 21

That said, it’s still B.S. and I would argue that most people who have their own cable modem are likely to be more tech savvy than your typical consumer and therefore will often figure out stuff on their own and/or call support less often for things that aren’t the ISP’s fault. Read more

Dec 21

The one and only time I’ve had a service tech come he told me that A. the reason my modem was randomly rebooting itself was because I didn’t have the wi-fi channel locked (which was the most transparently bullshit thing I have ever heard), and B. he couldn’t actually do anything because I owned my own modem instead of Read more

Nov 28

As far as MFA goes it’s definitely worth doing, doubly so for anyone in high profile positions. Mostly these type of hacks are going for the low hanging fruit so won’t bother with breaking MFA’s unless they have a specific reason to such as corporate espionage.