<i>First Ollie tells Felicity he loves her, then Varrick and Ju Lee get married, and now Korrasami is confirmed?!</i> Read more

Brian Clevinger (writer of Atomic Robo) used video game sprites to illustrate his comic, which started out as a parody of a wide range of classic video games, but gradually focused more and more on Final Fantasy. Read more

YES! The only trouble is that it's gotten hard to find a browser that will render it properly, especially because of the way newer ones blow up images. Chrome, for instance, has no way to force nearest-neighbor interpolation in CSS, which hampers efforts to "port" it to modern browser standards. Read more

413b? ...There's a Homestuck joke in here somewhere. Read more

Kyubey heard Madoka call him her enemy and the enemy of all humanity, and his immediate response was to keep trying to make her omnipotent. That's, like, the definition of your eyes being bigger than your stomach. Read more

Abh? I've read that name... is that — ooh! "Lafiel"! Crest of the Stars, right? One of the more recent "classic" anime additions to my to-watch list. I need to get to work on that list... Read more

Doctorow also wrote a novel called For the Win a few years back that's basically about gold farmers unionizing. Read more

"In most situations, arms have elbows." Read more

In episode 1 of Princess Tutu, Fakir is a total asshole and an enemy of the heroine. Late in the show, when a cosmic force is trying to make the story run backwards...

Since almost the beginning, IIRC. The terms "face-heel turn" and "heel-face turn" are almost universal there, and those come from wrestling. The Wayback Machine confirms that there's been a "Professional Wrestling" page since at least mid-2006. Read more

My favorite part of this is how the entry for Betelgeuse uses the word "Betelgeuse" three times. Read more

The name "slash," for the unaware, supposedly comes from the "/" in "Kirk/Spock." Etymology is weird. Read more

I don't think that's true of the post-Turn-A continuities, from Cosmic Era on. Read more

One of my all-time favorites. :) Read more

Well, the only actual theorem in that proof is the statement outside the outermost square-bracket "fantasy." Since that fantasy starts with <P&~P> and derives Q, it proves that the former implies the latter, but it doesn't prove either in themselves — they're just the premise and conclusion. Read more

I specified "in GEB terms" (Gödel, Escher, Bach) for a reason. I don't think the system in that book uses disjunction introduction, and I haven't studied the more standard formal systems. Read more

Erm... are you talking about the principle of explosion here? In GEB terms: Read more

The joke probably would've been funnier if you'd said "eat" instead of "see." Read more