Guys...I think the intake manifold is supposed to be clear plexiglass or something. Look at the reflections off it from the brake light. That would be totally on brand for Batman. I just wish there were more/better angles. Read more

Widebody Ute gives me an uncomfortable erection. Read more

Lol. Sure. 335s are completely different than AMG cars though, and even though you’ve modified yours, they’re substantially more reliable machines. AMGs, especially older ones, are super high strung performance machines, same with old M cars. And, for what it’s worth, the only one of those vehicles I still own is the Read more

Aye, I am familiar with the concept. But it’s still called neutral steering. Read more

I believe it's more appropriately called neutral steering, and has been around since at least WWII. Many vehicles relied on it to even be usable, so if it's throwing tracks on a regular basis I would imagine either there is something wrong or they're attempting to make this kind of maneuver on poor terrain. Besides, I Read more

No. Nope. Don't like it. Charger isn't...right as a Commodore. It doesn't have the same zazz. The same...class. Holden needs to be something special or it won't work. Read more

My heart yearns. My bits fizz. Read more

I don’t think it’s really that tall. The pic in the camo just makes it look tall ad narrow because of the perspective. It’s taken with the nose pointing down and at an angle, making it look all wonky. It's just not a flattering shot. Read more

Not nearly as heavy as batteries. Read more

Well, maybe if they weren't so fucking stingy with them in the first place... Read more

Bad news, most old super-badass cars will break in many, very expensive ways if you think too hard about them. Read more

Just for the record, 5mg of melatonin is waaaay too much. You realistically want 2-300μg to avoid being groggy when you wake up. Any more than that and your body is unable to metabolize the excess and you will continue to have the melatonin in your system when you wake up. Read more

Just for the record, 5mg of melatonin is waaaay too much. You realistically want 2-300μg to avoid being groggy when

Probably true because the 2JZ is amazing. But sometimes you just need a V8. Read more

Not so sure this has any truth to it for the non-Hyundai pops and bangs. The little crackles and stuff are present all the time and normally arrested in the muffler. I know this because I straight piped my 5.0 F-150and now it crackles like a motherfucker despite being otherwise stock (for now). Read more

That could have a greater effect than the tire being 1.5psi low! Read more

Actually, yes, birds do see the spiral. It doesn't look like a spiral, it looks like a flicker, but they most certainly do see it. And a plane that is in the stages where birds are a threat is only going to be doing maybe 150kt max, about 250kph, which is well within the reaction time of birds. Remember, they don't Read more