Seething Hatred
Oct 21

Remember when we thought this would be over by summer? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Aug 22 2019

Ya know what takes even more effort than telling your kid no? Actually discussing internet safety protocols with them as soon as possible. These safety issues don’t magically go away when they become an adult. Everything you teach them will still be relevant when they become old enough (in your eyes) to get a smart Read more

Jun 7 2018

My Informer in the industry says he’s working on something

May 4 2018

.... Jesus, that’s the greatest idea of 2018!

Jan 31 2018

The fun isn’t always in getting it right, but in getting it wrong together

Feb 14 2017

So a dude with more money than most people see in their lives chose to take advantage of economically-disadvantaged individuals for the sake of some anti-Semitic “humor,” and is now surprised that there are consequences that go with that kind of behavior.

Got it.

Having read some of the comments on the previous article Read more

Feb 8 2017

Man, the author of this article is doing nothing but further racial tensions by slinging mud and massively generalizing an entire group of people. Read more

Nov 4 2016

To be honest, I also don’t care about Trump’s consensual affairs. We’d probably have to get rid of 99% of all politicians if we gave a shit about consensual affairs, particularly when the participants are smart enough to keep it all under wraps (unlike tweein’ Weiner). Read more