Sep 8 2018

You guys do know that you don’t have to defend EVERYTHING Serena does, right? Nobody is going to call you racist or sexist to admit that yes, she broke the rules and reacted poorly. Was this a questionable time to finally enforce the coaching rule? Yes, but it’s also an issue how many tennis players (including Serena, Read more

Aug 20 2014

I should probably hate this, another shameless cash grab under the AC banner, and buying it will reward laziness and all that but...this game just checks off all the boxes for me, it's a must play. Read more

Aug 5 2014

You have to be in the mood, to say the least - he's pretty funny at times, but he's detailed to an absurd degree and it's easy to not be in the mood for that when it comes to goddamn sports writing. Read more

May 16 2014

Donald Sterling, Kevin Johnson, and Michelle Rhee...all this story is missing is Pol Pot.

May 3 2014

I was expecting to find something to complain about, but this list is actually objectively accurate. Well done!