Sep 19 2016

Congratulations, Mr. ovjho, on COTD! I would like to gift you with a Saleen S7 which this lovely lady will deliver if Kinja will let me post an image.

May 6 2016

Does the car’s performance suffer when you drive it to Cincinnati?

May 3 2016

While his parents were out working four jobs, Cambo spent his time learning how to survive in the rough backwoods of Alabama. When they went through a brutal divorce, he naturally fled to the woods to be alone. No traffic, no people, no responsibility—just pure survival.

May 3 2016

Wasn’t the woman with SENNA tattooed on her fingers a former Jalop? “Lena the Jalopchick” or somesuch?

Mar 23 2016

The ridges at the bottom & roundness of the lens makes me think of a 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse. It looks like there’s more headlight missing to the left. Here’s some of my pictures of the lens.

Mar 21 2016

Volkswagen’s clever disguise makes more sense to me than this gaudy disguise. The majority of people wouldn’t even notice that Volkswagen, but this disguise just screams....................”HEY EVERYBODY! LOOK AT ME”!