Jan 9 2016

At my desk, from a water bottle, like the classy bitch I am.

Dec 18 2015

It also included Tony Danza! I found it on Amazin instant video a few years ago.

Nov 21 2015

Ugh, sorry, that should have said “had a different experience”!

Nov 20 2015

A false sense of superiority, I assume. I don’t get it either. “You hadn’t different experience? THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE SO YOU ARE LYING! Read more

Oct 5 2015

The African Slave Trade didn’t bring “workers” here though, it brought slaves. To call them “workers” instead of what they actually were, slaves, is disingenuous at best and a flat out lie at worst.

Sep 23 2015

Oh, no!! I was unclear, sorry! It was just much easier and more believable to fake an ID that said I was 19 than one that said I was 21! I graduated high school at 17, so I was the young loser when I got to college.

Sep 23 2015

It’s 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, and Québec, 19 in the rest of Canada. I grew up right across the border, which made for some heavy drinking in high school.

Sep 14 2015

I had 8 of the Aspen low bowls in my cupboard!! Had, as in “7 of them broke because Mr. Scylla doen’t stack dishes properly, also our kids take after their insanely klutzy mother.” I could NOT remember what the name of the style was, but now I can order replacements!

Sep 7 2015

Except, the guy who raped 40+ women only just stopped working in May when his last tour ended and he still has people (fortunately fewer) rabidly defending him. Wayans shouldn’t ever work again, but unfortunately Hollywood isn’t exactly known for how much it respects women.

Sep 2 2015

Thanks! We try, though it’s definitely not easy!

Sep 1 2015

MiniScylla #1 will be 13 in a few short months, so we’ve spoken to her about alcohol and drinking a number of times. We do our best to be honest, to be practical, and to not make alcohol the forbidden fruit. Over this past weekend we were away at a beach cottage and I let Mini#1 have a few sips of my wine when we were Read more

Aug 12 2015

Hey WW! I saw you on another article and was thinking about Little WaterWish? How is everything? (Are PMs back yet? I can't figure it out.)

Jul 9 2015

An illegal order, at that. The judge had no standing to issue the “loving relationship with your father” order to begin with.

Jul 4 2015

Actually, you’re the one who is incorrect. GoFundMe didn’t pull their campaign because they disagreed with the bakery, they pulled it because they don’t allow fundraising for illegal behavior. That’s it. The rules were clearly stated in the terms of service. Plus, they let them keep the money already raised. The Read more

Apr 20 2015

Here’s a NYT article listing the candidates for the 1887 election. The candidates for Alderman in the 3rd District were Patrick Oakley (Democratic) and Thomas Morrow (United Labor), so it must be one of them.