Scorpio GTX1
Dec 13 2016

As long as it’s not loli or shota and well animated I welcome any and all fanservice.

Apr 1 2016

I find the lack of front grill deeply unsettling. I understand that it isn’t needed, but if so then why does it look like they had it designed for a grill but then just didn’t cut it out of the plastic or whatever. It has the outline of a grill, but no grill. I think it would look better with a more sloped nose Read more

Jan 14 2016

It’s just methanol and water. The methanol simply evaporates. No pollution.

Jan 14 2016

You don’t dump it all at once, just one jug at a time, everyone knows that

Dec 21 2015

What’s the difference between a rental car and a four-wheel-drive vehicle?

You can drive a rental car anywhere.

Nov 16 2015

I really wouldn’t. Fuses are somewhere easy to replace if they burn out, but wiring generally isn’t - quite apart from the fire risk.

Nov 13 2015

I have a 1992 with 202,000. It’s my soccer wagon and I love the shit out of it.

Oct 30 2015

So it’s made by a company called Detroit Electric, and won’t be sold in the US?

Aug 29 2007

"Yes, please, let's not forget the poor men, who make up a whopping 15% of the domestic violence victims (nonsarcastic saide: this includes situations in which the violence is mutual, or the woman used violence in response to violence), who are far less likely to be hurt by domestic violence given the differences in Read more

Aug 29 2007

Seriously? If these comments were from men celebrating their finest acts of physical violence against their partners, people would be going batshit insane with outrage, and rightfully so. Just because women aren't as strong as men doesn't men they can't do some serious harm. Especially if the dudes aren't fighting Read more