May 12

The secret pilot where we learn that Carol and Mike bonded and fell in love over the fact they both killed their first spouses for the insurance money

May 12

Very nice article Gwen , I enjoyed it a lot. 

May 12

I would argue that the Brady Bunch was on the wrong side of the shark from the beginning, and that this was actually part of its enduring appeal.

Oct 30

Yeah, a guy doing HS Football commentary for no one does tug on the heartstrings a bit. 

Oct 15

I cannot believe how The Fabulous Baker Boys continues to get overlooked in Bridges’ career. As I mentioned above, Fearless is also a film that shows how great an actor he is but is underappreciated. Also:  I fell in love with Michelle Pfeiffer for the first time and forever in 1990 when I first saw TFBB on Cinemax Read more

Oct 9

As much as I think this chop tradition is stupid, it has been mentioned that the Braves aren’t really ditching it. They just gave their fans something to do for years, then - and probably just for today’s game - asked fans to give it back. I think there’s a term for that.

Oct 4

Strange; when I was last in Williamsburg, everyone looked like they were straight out of Colonial times...

Oct 4

Baseball is a game. Anyway, very confusing why it should be okay for a guy who gets thrown out at first to intentionally cross near the mound in some sort of weird alpha power play is find, but watching a homer is not, and why the latter might warrant being assaulted with a 90 mph ball (and the possible injury risks Read more

Oct 2

You can acknowledge, rightly, that listing it as a line-item instead of just integrating it into the food prices is a nasty way for restaurant owners to turn their customers against their own employees. Read more

Sep 14

I can't help but think that if Brady or Rodgers had taken a single one of the hits Newton gets every game there'd be rule changes. It reminds me of how the NBA just decided to let players try to murder Shaq.

Sep 10

Maybe she’ll talk about paying student athletes when she writes an article about it.

Aug 27

I think possibly the single worst human being ever to have a submission published for WYTS that I can think of, honestly.