Mar 25 2019

Dude...You did that all the way back in your first sentence, mansplaining labias to a woman. Read more

Feb 27 2019

Jack was maintianing that enthusiasm way back in 2006-07 in the dire Dave Lewis days. He was the first guy to publicly give a damn about the team as they improved from that point on. I know he’s not to everyone’s taste, but I’ve always appreciated him for that.

Feb 10 2019

In this case, “unsportsmanlike conduct” is cover for “Dude, we can’t afford to replace that ball, and we only have this stadium until 7pm!

Feb 10 2019

Not a good sign when you spike a ball in to the stands and it doesn’t come within thirty feet of hitting anyone.

Nov 14 2018

These people elected Donald Trump as their leader. They have no credibility as any moral authority forever and ever, amen.

Sep 5 2018

Meanwhile McLaren has it’s cockpit settings displayed up on the Jumbo-Tron with the word “HELP” scrawled beneath.

Jun 5 2018

This will get more coverage in a day than the latest Puerto Rico death toll has gotten over the last week. The “Main Stream Media” isn’t liberal, it’s incompetent.

Apr 10 2018

Actually they aren’t griefers, they’re PVPers mate, SoT was designed as competitive multiplayer game, thus there is and always will be player vs player combat, and some players prefer that to the dull “voyages”. If PVPers are wrecking your ship then as they say, “git gud m8".

Oct 27 2017

I hunted deer poorly for years when I lived in VT. I actually got more with my fucking delivery van than I ever did in the woods. After three new front ends in one season, I put bull bars on it to mitigate the damage. Kept a 22, a knife and plastic sheet in the truck for such occasions. In VT if you hit one it is Read more