Oct 31 2019

Thank you for this, I have spent all morning looking for a website to tell me who won last night’s game.

Sep 30 2019

I look forward to building a relationship this season, I as the expert and you as the eager “student” of my expertise. 

Aug 13 2019

Or maybe the wealthy professional football team he plays for could figure out a way to get its hands on one for him. Read more

Aug 13 2019

I guess we can infer that you would have been completely ready for professional athlete life at age 19 when you’ve been the best of your local age group and are suddenly thrust into the maelstrom of the highest echelons of the sport. No chance you might have had trouble adjusting to that because you're not "lazy" or Read more

Jul 15 2019

I’m only a few years in to following cycling and this has been the best opening week I’ve seen. The number of cyclocrossers impacting the race is awesome. The stage hunting has been fantastic. Sagan is back on form. It’s worth watching the last 30 minutes or longer recap of just about every day now. Really excited to Read more

Jun 27 2019

My family has had White Sox season tickets between home and 1st base, 18 rows up, for the better part of 20 years. Not a humble brag, just means we’re dumb enough to pay more than the seats are worth at this point. Read more

Jun 27 2019

Gormon’s research has found 2,000 people who have died at baseball games (at every level of play combined), and he says people email him regularly with new victims to add. Read more

Jun 10 2019

If you’re trying to shame me in to feeling bad that I wish Wayne LaPierre, a man who for the last 28 years has led the movement that has caused mass shootings, including school shootings, to skyrocket in the US, all while showing a callous indifference and saying the only solution to these killings is “more guns”, Read more

Jun 9 2019

I guarantee Bumgarner has said “so much for the tolerant Left!” at least once in the past three years.

Jun 7 2019

The worst part is that there were probably far more people immediately realizing that they’re eating meat and being absolutely disgusted for being mislead into eating something they ethically oppose.

Jun 7 2019

A friend of mine has Alpha-Gal Syndrome (a SEVERE red meat allergy from tick bites, which is becoming more popular) and this would have had her hospitalized, if not worse.

I know people think they’re cute and funny, commenting about indignant vegans (even so, stop lambasting people for their dietary choices), but ANY Read more

May 30 2019

I would add that they should install a smooth hard surface of some sort over everything beyond 400 feet so that if you hit what used to be a home run, that ball is never going to stop rolling. Also institute a rule that you can run the bases multiple times for multiple runs, but if you’re on your second or later time Read more