SD Gator
Nov 22 2015

Indeed there is a lack of legroom. It’s not obvious from the photographs without a person as reference, but fortunately there is enough to be directly facing the screens and still having over a foot between the wall and one’s knees. This would be problematic for those > 6’ tall. Read more

Nov 9 2015

Thermapen Classic (or really any of the Thermapens). Bar none the best thermometer for cooking I have ever bought — accept no substitutes.

Thermapen Classic (or really any of the Thermapens). Bar none the best thermometer for cooking I have ever bought —

Oct 13 2015

Funny, someone reading an adventure blog, can’t see the forest through the trees.

Oct 6 2015

Yes. My mother shows love almost 100% through gifts and crafts. She was a stay at home mom and she had both money and time, these actions did not seem as valuable to me as the very very rare words of affirmation or enthusiastic quality time. Its been hard as an adult to tell her “you know, I really don’t need more Read more

Oct 3 2015

We have a “Nacho Mama’s” in Richmond too. And the Pho place up the street has T-Shirts, etc... That claim “It’s Pho-King Good!”

The worst one... We have a store here that sells kid’s clothes called “Once upon a Child”. Did no one read that out loud before the signs got made?

Aug 28 2015

There’s a big difference in “tweets supporting ISIS” and facilitating the transfer of money and recruits to ISIS, which is what he’s going to jail for.

Aug 1 2015

When the originally 3 hour long “Kill Bill” was filmed, it was not intended to be chopped into two movies and so it can’t be considered as being filmed “back to back” - it’s more an example of how a movie can get raped by the producing company to make it more profitable. Like later with Tarantino’s “Grindhouse”, this Read more

Jul 29 2015

Translation: “Fuck! I hate that this makes so much sense that I can only respond with snark.”

Jul 29 2015

I think it is always important to consider all sides of an issue. The problem today is that we let the media and activists (add politicians to that list) tell us what to think. I once was a active hunter myself...although these days I find it distasteful, I do recognize its validity as a conservation tool and sport. Read more

Jul 29 2015

That’s exactly how most people see the world. Every generation thinks it’s smarter than the last, but we all end up making some of the same old mistakes and always quite a bit more new ones.