Mar 24 2014

I drove up to Santa Barbara not too long ago, and it just so happened to take me two and a half hours to get there. Listened to this the whole way, and do not regret a minute. On the way home I tried listening to some over the air talk shows. Simply was not the same!

Mar 18 2014

Just so you are aware, this is how a good mashup sounds...

Mar 13 2014

This is the view from inside the cockpit of Fat Albert with audio between the crew. Shows you just how professional these guys are. It's not just a ride in a plane.

Mar 7 2014

You solve this by enforcing strict criminal (not just civil) liability on everyone responsible. If a person or group of people kidnapped and sexually assaulted this woman in exactly the same way the Border Patrol and hospital personnel did, they would be facing the potential of years in jail. The same standard should Read more

Mar 6 2014

I try to keep it under 200K now, my 1988 90 quattro has 262K on it though. My 505 turbo s wagon has 187K Read more

Feb 22 2014

It could possibly pick up radio beacons used for air traffic to triangulate a position and generally point you in the right direction towards a destination. It wouldn't be the best system, but it's possible with the technology available back then.

Feb 21 2014

1) Most digital displays of the era now look retro and dorky. This looks retro too, but ... oddly appealing. Cool, even.