This is one of the many moral/ethical lessons I learned as a kid watching Star Trek. In an episode of TNG, Dr.Pulaski mispronounced Commander Data’s name as Dah-ta instead of Day-ta. When he corrected her, she asked “What’s the difference?” and he replied simply “One is my name, the other is not.” 30 years later and Read more

Despite owning damn near everything and most of our politicians bought and paid for by corporations, I still don’t think that kind of powerplay would fly in today’s social media landscape and Disney knows this. That is why they have been putting Steamboat Willie on EVERYTHING lately. It has been the intro to Disney Read more

that isn’t really what Jackson and Gregg looked like back in the ‘90s Read more

Any comic with Krampus, Gandalf and a snowman/Groot hybrid is a buy for me! Read more

I haven’t seen one of those in the wild in at least 10 years. A majority of the cards I carry don’t even have raised numbers anymore, not to mention there are probably PCI compliance issues with those old carbon copy machines. Read more

Not only that, it looks like it says 1983 next to Archive, although the blue on blue text makes it harder to make out. Read more

Well, he could give 100,000 Amazon employees a $2/hr raise for the next 5 years instead. Or better yet, do that AND donate $2 billion to charity. Read more

I don’t know the details of the original Marvel IP contract with Fox, but I would imagine if Fox was sold, the rights for those IPs would either revert back to Marvel/Disney or they would have an option to purchase them back. Then again, Marvel was REALLY desperate when they made these deals, so who knows how badly Read more

Everyone wants to kill Hitler, but no one ever wants to go back and save Archduke Ferdinand. Read more

But he didn’t do that with the Giant Space Dwarves. Huge Peter Dinklage says there were 300 dwarves at the forge and Thanos killed all but him. Read more

Don-Wan Kihotay AKA Man of La Mandalore. Read more

My money is on some Dr. Strange, timey-wimey, Eye of Agamotto nonsense. Probably the tag for IW.

Read more

There’s a guy at work who is cryptocrazy. He has this 20/20 plan or something like it...put $1000 in crypto, when it hits 20% gains, sell it all, take the $1200, do it again, when it hits 20%, do it again...after 20 of these trades, you are a millionaire!  Read more

Didn’t everyone we meet on the American side work for the MACUSA in some form or fashion? Maybe it’s more of a legal/clerical term and not the typical slang you hear on the street? I don’t remember if anyone said it when they went to visit Ron Perlman at the speakeasy. It could have even come from the French Read more

If you are referring to the story of Altered Carbon in general, the white-washing is baked in at the story level, so there is nothing to be “hot & bothered” about. However, if you are calling hypocrisy on your first point referring to his “self-image” in the stack being white and not Asian, then I would agree. Read more

Finn was trying to Randy Quaid the Laser Battering Ram. He just forgot to yell “Hello boys, I’m baaaack!” Read more

I’m a fellow old that grew up on Star Wars and still has more SW merch than is remotely reasonable and I LOVED the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I teared up when Luke and Leia finally were on screen together and my wife was straight up bawling when Luke disappeared. But they were tears of joy and sadness, not of anger.  Read more

The problem with that is in the OT actors are all too old to have told a Kylo Ren origin story without Disney spending a ton of CG money on de-aging the actors. Read more

The problem with that is in the OT actors are all too old to have told a Kylo Ren origin story without Disney spending a ton of CG money on de-aging the actors. Read more