Sep 19 2017

Learn to read, be nicer to people and maybe check out some court documents, because gawker did not get shut down for libel.

May 10 2016

Yes. In a way, as I have a crush on her, I kind of appreciate her honesty compared to Stone or Blanchet. In an other way, it’s a very problematic answer trying to rationalize cooperating with a creepy dude to have an interesting and prestigious project.

Apr 17 2016

She was living a nightmare and this is a disgrace. I can’t imagine being in a more hopeless situation. I assume that going to officials would have been futile, based on their obvious disregard of her needs for hormones. (Is it naive to hope that things have changed with awareness of Trans issues?) Read more

Mar 23 2016

I totally agree. Asking for content that appeals to different audiences is such a giant slap in the face to all us straight white males. That one sentence in a twenty sentence article rendered the entire piece worthless to me, and Gizmodo should clearly be ashamed of itself. Read more

Feb 6 2016

Yeah this is a three-part disaster: socially conditioned male entitlement, no real system for adequately treating our mentally ill citizens, and far too lax gun laws. Read more

Nov 2 2015

I came here to say the same thing. Its a beautiful voice.

Oct 28 2015

We live in a world where the Israeli PM hates Muslims SO MUCH that he’s willing to blame them for steering Hitler toward Holocaust. Read more

Jun 29 2015

OMG YES! I was at my sister in law’s recently and we were looking through a bridal magazine with her daughters. One of the photographs included 2 brides getting married. One of her kids (age 4) asked why there were 2 brides in that picture. My SiL responded “well you know how ‘so-and-so in your class has 2 mommies?’ Read more