A Parenting Question

So before the question, a little about me. I’m a nerd. My screen name is my nickname when I was younger and Prime, after Optimus. I taught myself how to read when I was four or five from the old checklists that came with Tramsformers back in the 80's, as I knew how to say all their names and could match the letters…

Family Ties

As the rich cultural tradition of bitching about your family around thanksgiving goes, I feel like I should chime in with my story. Specifically, the In-Laws. My wife, God bless her, comes from a really fucking weird and fucked up family that we’ll delve into here. And please, feel free to run away screaming, as…


So I play indoor soccer on Thursday nights, and I finally convinced/coerced a buddy that I played with in college to come out. He’s awesome, so that’s a nice plus, but the guy is like a younger, skinnier, nerdier me. My wife was terrified of the trouble we would cause before we left the house.