Jan 27 2019

“The Hoonigans simply can’t seem to do any wrong”

Aug 3 2017

Damn, this is the saltiest post in the History of Jalopnik. Did your girl break up with you? Dog die? Run out of pizza rolls?

Jul 25 2017

You have a fundamentally flawed understanding of healthcare. You want a Gov run single payer system. That’s simply not a cost effective solution.

The free market works. If the job you have is not meeting your needs look for another job. These ride sharing (cognito taxi) services were never designed to be your major Read more

Jul 19 2017

The weight is always placed on the axels, bruh.

Jul 8 2017

She definitely is hauling ass for there to be a caution out.

Jul 6 2017

....You realize you posted this comment on a website dedicated to reporting the news to the exact type of people who would open such a garage, right?

Jun 1 2017

Let’s make a list of all ethnicities and cultures where the embellishment of stereotypes in the name of humor is okay and those where it’s considered racism or discrimination

May 19 2017

If baseball really wanted to save ratings and bring young people in the game they need to let the batter and pitcher brawl for 90 seconds after every intentionally hit batter. Who wouldn’t love to see a cry baby pitcher that gets their little feelings hurt by a batter doing their job have to deal with some Read more

May 11 2017

They’re only missing a few minor players, like GM, Toyota, Ford, VW, Honda... you know. Small guys who are getting started with vehicles and manufacturing.

May 11 2017

Cmon... it was the pump station not the pipeline and its 100 miles from their water... the stations are built to contain fuckups like this... especially just 2 barrels worth. The pipeline itself has yet to leak. Stop fear mongering.

May 9 2017

Fuck NASCAR for that decision. Had he won the race, maybe, possibly, it could be justified. However he got fined for an ever so slightly our of spec engine in practice, practice! Read more