9:34 AM

Humanity’s facing multiple existential threats, world politics have been dominated by a wave of ultra-right populism, and hundreds of millions live in poverty. We’re in the middle of a mass extinction event, half the world is mired in forever-wars, and large chunks of the planet are literally on fire. Read more

1:33 PM

There was a new FE game of course the main character would be added to Smash. I don’t see how anybody wasn’t expecting it.

11:26 AM

So you’re the guy that keeps raining sausages down on my head in online matches! I guess I should have expected that with a name like BogusMeatFactory!

11:10 AM

I was going to be salty about another Fire Emblem character being announced until I realized that I don’t play as any character outside of Mr. Game & Watch so I will be happy for folks who are excited for the character instead.

12:43 PM

My gold standard for funny games is portal and the Stanley parable. Both of those games humor comes from acknowledging the absurdity of the premise and then backing it up with good writing. Stanley parable has multiple paths, but limits the player interactivity which allows it to decide when and how the jokes are Read more

12:26 PM

Untitled Goose Game may well be one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. There’s just something so hilarious about being a complete asshole of a goose.

4:07 PM

Why is it that no writer at any point was ever willing to just commit to Kylo being a villain? He’s a wretched little rat bastard, he doesn’t need redemption just because his grandad did. Just let him be evil!

10:19 AM

It’s part of the free update, but even if you had to spend $ is that any different then needing to own the previous game to upload classic Pokemon to the new one? Read more

10:00 AM

To be fair, the 200 Pokémon will be added to the game in a free update. They won’t be catchable, but if you have Home or someone willing to trade with you you can still use them.

1:56 PM

There weren’t many loud people on the internet who liked it. But there are actually a bajillion people who loved it, even more than the first. I personally loved TFA a little bit more despite the reused plot but TLJ was great. Plus it doesn’t actually matter who liked it, once you’re 2/3 into a trilogy, you can’t Read more

12:13 PM

I made the argument that this movie was just a giant middle finger to the fans, and the fans rebutted that it was all fanservice, which, exactly my point. if you give the fans everything that fans liked spaced out over x movies within the timespan of 2 1/2 hours it’s literally, “this is what you wanted, right!?

6:20 PM

It’s not at all. It’s a middle finger to everyone else, in a way. It’s at the very least fan-service for their sakes. You didn’t like Rose? She’s gone. You didn’t like the parentage answer? They lied to you. You didn’t like change of any sort? Everything’s the same again. I actually thought the movie was entertaining Read more

6:11 PM

Only it wasn’t. It placated them at every turn. Case in point:
“Rose, are you coming with us?”
“No, Leia says I can’t be in this movie.”