Jul 24

I’ll tell you: All signs pointed at the time for 2020 to be final model year so I ordered 2020 JGC Trailhawk Hemi and got mine in September last year. It is awesome. As for its off road capability, on the last off road safety clinic in Hollister Hills it went everywhere Wranglers did without any problem, Frame Read more

Jul 22

And remember to mask during your combat. I know you want to kill them, but you don’t want to spread coronavirus.

May 25

They’re low speed vehicles so they don’t actually have to qualify for any of the safety standards. Some of the tests they put them through were actually tests normal cars have to pass (like the emergency handling cone test). Read more

May 20

I worked on BFME Rise of the Witch King and C&C Kane’s wrath. We had to use 3d studio Max 5 to export models and animation... the last Max version to have the ability to export properly as it was phased out by the time the game was green lit some 10 plus years after the original. we came up with a way to animate in Read more

Apr 23

not going to lie, i faved this because i thought it said “eric wareheim” and didn’t watch it. now that i have i really, really wish this were eric wareheim’s recent revelations instead

Apr 22

Christ. It’s almost sad that he’s so rich and well-educated but wants to spend his time making up theories and then refusing to publish the details, before moving on to a goddamn podcast. Yeesh. I think I knew a guy who could have ended up like that in my D&D group when I was 13.

Mar 31

How about the one thing they didn’t mention that they really should’ve, which is that Data already (briefly) had a daughter.

Mar 11

I feel very lucky to get to edit these stories. There are not many audiences that have an appetite for the more niche stuff, but Gizmodo readers consistently show up for them. Yay

Jan 30

They should just throw a bunch of marbles in the middle and let them fight it out

Nov 19

Well, you’ve got to have oxygen to light the match....