On my Chicago trip, I found that take photos of people taking photos was quite fun and turned out really nice! The last one here I can’t help but smile about because she finished taking her photo right after I took mine, turned to me, and just started laughing.

Chicago's Doggos!

Yesterday I took a trip to Chicago starting at 10am and ending at 8:30pm. 23 miles later I had taken almost 1000 photos (I’m getting more particular about my shots). Most of them either dogs or people. So, my first post is the dogs, because everyone loves dogs, right?

Penny Road 

So, this has become one of my favorite spots recently. Small pond off of a small road with huge fields and nice wooded areas around it. I first found the place Back in May of 2015. Didn’t get a lot of good shots, as I was fresh with the camera. And the area kind of fell to the back of my mind. But one part that stuck…

Best of 2016

Okay, sorry for the lateness of my post. Took some time to go through all my favorites and whittle them down to what I thought was my best. Even though it was tough to get rid of some. One of these is my current phone background and one was my pc background until recently. So, without further ado


Nature During Winter

Went out with the camera today. Trying to photograph nature during the winter in northern Illinois when it hasn’t snowed yet is rough. There is hardly anything around. I was shocked at the animals I did see. I saw three birds (one was a goose and another was a duck) But there aren’t any bugs around so scenery.

What is your best shot?

So, I went through all of my photos in the last two days picking out my (or at least what I think are) best shots. While doing this I tried to decide what I think my best shot over all is. It was a bit tough until I came to that one shot that I had to wait for. Not only was I in the right place at the right time, but…