Aug 5 2017
Looking to Upgrade

Currently I have the D5300. But I’ve been wanting something with a focus motor in the body, as I have some lenses

Apr 9 2017
Time of Change

So, after having made a website and put a blog on it, I’ve decided that I’ll be posting on it instead of making my

Feb 22 2017
Random Chicago

So, my 3rd of my 4 posts on my recent Chicago trip is just random stuff. I’m deciding to keep the longest for last.

Feb 20 2017

On my Chicago trip, I found that take photos of people taking photos was quite fun and turned out really nice! The

Feb 19 2017
Chicago's Doggos!

Yesterday I took a trip to Chicago starting at 10am and ending at 8:30pm. 23 miles later I had taken almost 1000

Feb 14 2017
Little Walk

I try my best to stay away from place with people on this day, so I went for a walk after work. Sadly, I only had an

Feb 10 2017
Penny Road

So, this has become one of my favorite spots recently. Small pond off of a small road with huge fields and nice

Jan 7 2017
Best of 2016

Okay, sorry for the lateness of my post. Took some time to go through all my favorites and whittle them down to what