5:21 PM

Yes, but the key thing is that the division is no longer simply gender identity but tied to a biological fact that doesn’t lead to transphobia or non-binary and intersex erasure. Read more

1:40 PM


...the Nvidia Shield service is basically a virtual pc somewhere running the games you already bought on Steam, Uplay, EGS, Blizzard Launcher etc. by accessing these platforms through your account.

It’s really just expanded access to things you’ve already paid for - on THEIR (Acitblizz’) proprietary library.

Imagin Read more

6:47 PM

I would think so. I know people who have lost their children and this would almost definitely make it worse for them. Read more

10:41 PM

Well considering I just had to uninstall Origin because it kept giving me pop ups to log in even after disabling it in my start up settings... things like that are why I like Steam. It doesn’t really mess with me, it does what I want it to and has a lot of features other services don’t. I don’t have a devotion to it, Read more

10:37 AM

I’m one of the dipswitches that pre-ordered an Atari VCS.

10:32 AM

SO agree with this comment. I’m mainly a PC gamer and bought a Switch last year. Can’t believe how many games I’ve re-bought to play portable. Love the Switch, love to play that way, love to pick up where I left off quickly from the last session. Really good gaming console for people like me, a new-ish parent who has Read more

7:06 PM

Oddly enough he sold it back to gamestop for $13 in store credit.

9:10 AM

oh man, one of my first projects on the original Raspberry Pi (along with the PogoPlug I had picked up) was one that was built around Squeezebox/LMS. Had never worked with Linux at all before, was a great first project. Still see it as an option when I’m tinkering around with other projects to this day, even though I Read more

1:07 PM

Politically she’s the eternal victim; and it’s not hard to understand why she’ll always approach the arena in that manner.

12:32 PM

In the doc, you’re brutally honest on Sanders: “He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.” That assessment still hold?
Read more

11:49 AM

To me, the difference is, The Last Jedi didn’t set out to be divisive. It didn’t set out to divide the fanbase or pick a side. It just wanted to try and tell a good story in the Star Wars universe. Read more

11:13 PM

Not sure where that’s supposed to fit in my entertainment center but...we’ll figure that out

4:53 PM

I was really interested in Hades when it was announced but also dislike EGS.  This is great because EGS was basically the beta testers and now that its on steam I can reap all the benefits.

7:27 PM

I think that swagger’s going to be mitigated by the fact that there’s a subscription fee (for the pro level, anyhow) combined with having to buy the games (which isn’t the case for most other sub-streaming services) on top of the latency problem.

It’s a grand idea, but its pricing model sucks, and the connectivity Read more

1:14 PM

Your comparison to Netflix is a good one. One of the reasons why streaming video subscriptions are worthwhile is because you’re only watching maybe a 2 hour movie or a few TV episodes in one sitting. But if you really love a movie or a show and want to watch it multiple times, you might choose to buy your own digital Read more