Aug 31

Still better than Spirit Airlines. 

Jul 24

I really hope they get the proportioning right. Hummer did a better job on the H3T

Jul 22

This is so exciting...A Bronco based pickup? I called a guy I know at Ford and asked if that was being considered for development...He said it was not only likely, but a done deal. He looked around the room and whispered, you might even be able to get one before the first edition makes it to dealerships....

Jul 15

“Stellantis has been clinically proven for treatment of lead foot syndrome.  Some users of Stellantis experience vertigo, numbness of limbs, or tunnel vision.  Consult your doctor if you have a history of heart conditions, as Stellantis may increase your risk of high blood pressure.”

Jul 9

I thought I saw one when I--ohhh, never mind

Jun 4

I thought that was the “EV that’s just a midsize hatchback nobody wants”.  

Feb 21

Im pretty impressed. New model from a new company with new tech should have more failures than this. That being said, it’s relatively easy on a car to do miles over a short time period, especially highway miles.

Feb 14

god this has to be the ugliest piece of automotive feces I have seen in ages.

Jan 19

I am still annoyed about this.

Jan 17

It will have to be amazing, considering it will need to be able to sell 15 years after it’s debut.

Jan 17

Any truth to the factoid that this engine was so highly developed over its lifetime that the latest versions can run on nothing but the exhaust pipe emissions of the earliest versions?

Jan 16

That is untrue. An engine is a motor, and can be referred to as such, but an electric motor is never an engine.

Oct 20

I can understand your grievance that they only specify EV conversions and ignores ICE swaps. Read more

Oct 18

I’ve always had the crazy idea of taking a Lotus Elise and putting an electric drivetrain in it. Maybe restyle it a bit to kind of make it my own. I think it could be the start of something really big. With a car that small and light, and that much torque, I bet you could launch so hard you’d end up in space!

Oct 2

Beat me to it. I was going to ask “Why?”

Oct 2

Why, just dear lord why????