Oct 8

SNL has a skit about some language learning program, and Bill Hader’s character creepily says, “I’m learning Thai so I can go to Thailand... for a thing.” That’s all there was to it, and that joke wouldn’t work if the audience didn’t know about a reputation of Thailand. Read more

Sep 29

Which is the ONLY reason that you don’t run a world-class Formula One team, I’m sure.

Sep 28

Just ran into my garage to fix this and to my bewilderment realized that I don't own a porsche.

Sep 23

Sigh. And away we go. Next question: “What role does violent video games play in encouraging mass shootings?”

Sep 2

In the good old days we’d just force kids to eat shit they didn’t like. Not woke, but keeps them alive and healthy.

Sep 2

Here’s a solution. Take a fruit, you know, those things that grow on trees, you can find them at a grocery. Wash them. Put them in your mouth. Chew. Swallow. “Disorder” solved.

Jul 1 2019

I don’t think this was a good way for Koenigsegg to correct the record. They should have tweeted, “Quick jump on this One:1 before Bonham’s figures out how much it’s really worth”... which would have alerted Koenigsegg’s Saudi clientele, that follow their Twitter page, this auction is coming up and they need to bid Read more

Jun 21 2019

I still love his He Said / He Said review of the Audi RS4. I was in an awful job at the time and reading every Jalopnik story everyday helped pull me through. I’m so sad he died so young.

Mar 5 2019

If she somehow was able to get a White Walker face, that would be...I can’t even finish, I’m so excited at the idea.

Mar 5 2019

Fuck that!  He’s making something better!  Gendrian Steel!  Or something!

Mar 2 2019

It started with the modern (Prussian model) public schools and those started in the 19th century. It moves a little further with each generation.