Funny how the Soyuz was built in the 60s on a build-space-rocket-or-we-put-you-and-family-into-gulag budget and its still flying today. That design seems to be cost effective.” Read more

The GPS constellation is actually in an intermediary MEO, not GEO. =) Read more

I’m a big dummy, so I thought that “100 km” number was just pulled out of thin air by scientists.

I’m not an expert, but I have played Kerbal Space Program...and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express at some point in my life. Read more

Jesus fucking… AAA might want to consider asking engineers about the things they engineer before doing stuff. If the manufacturer tells you to use premium, just use premium. Here’s the real why: Exhaust gas temperatures. Read more

There is not a clear case where premium gasoline is beneficial from a cost perspective. In most cases, the extra cost of premium over regular does not result in a positive return on investment (lower cost to drive a given distance). However, there are instances – and they vary widely by vehicle type and model – where Read more

Driving back to Savannah after Irma I had to put regular in the my E92 328i. Had about a quarter tank of 93 left in it. Over that tank I didn’t see a drop in fuel economy.

Considering that movie was a war zone and had rocket launching thugs. I’d say you either haven’t been to Detroit or even know what the real Detroit is.

I’m skeptical personally. Let’s not forget that both SpaceX and Orbital Sciences started their businesses with the intent of filling the same niche Rocket Labs is trying to fill and they each abandoned it because they couldn’t get costs lower than (or anywhere close to) what it currently costs for small sats to just Read more

Numbers (for others) in 2016, according to Wikipedia, a F9 launch was running $1,233 per pound. This is running $10K per pound. Read more

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. At $5mil for 500 lbs, the $/lb is almost an order of magnitude higher than the Falcon 9. So the only way this launcher will be economically feasible is if they can pull in business purely due to the desperate need for a dedicated small satellite launcher. Read more

In the 7 years since I quit my job, I haven’t earned in total what I made in just one year as a banker... And being an investment banker isn’t easy. It took a ton of work to get there. Like 15 or 20 years. I loved the cash. It took a lot to walk away from to play with cars. But yeah these are all good problems to Read more

We have such a huge failure of science education in this country. Someone might have to learn this in three steps: Read more

This will not work indoors. The laws of thermodynamics prevent it. Read more

Do people understand how AC works? Where does the hot air go?

As someone who crowdfunded Star Citizen FOUR years ago, I approve of this.

I think you need to reevaluate your friend selection abilities.