Oct 8

It’s a solid game with a good community. The hate-jerk online is just that. Hell, look at the first starred comment on this thread. Every time there’s an article about Fallout 76, without fail someone jumps on to signal how much they hate it with their edgy take.

May 14

Que the usual circle jerk of “this game sucks” comments (there’s already a few), but 76 has vastly improved since it launched and holds a mostly positive rating on Steam since Wastelanders dropped. My wife and I still enjoy playing it together in the evenings after our kid’s asleep. Read more

Jul 19 2019

Same boat. I can’t remember any other time I was this stoked about an American car, period. I mean, the Ford GT is cool, but undoubtedly beyond my grasp. Vipers are cool, but I’ve got a family and little interest in a car that’s trying to kill me any chance it gets. I love the looks of the C7, but it was never a car Read more