Traffic deaths per mile have been on a long, mostly steady, decline since the 1960's. Driving is MUCH safer than the good old days. Read more

I read it in full. You’re advocating for vehicle inspections, ignition interlocks, and even more vehicle regulations that do nothing but make cars more bland and more expensive. Read more

Here’s a hot take that I’ll die on: Read more

Driving is a privilege, not a right.” Read more

You want to cut the problem off at the roots? Read more

Yeah... it was Elon Musk. It TOTALLY wasn’t the unfair tiered wage structure, huge company profits or top execs giving themselves big pay packages... no sir... it was all Elon Musk’s fault... Read more

My vote goes to Carmen Jordá

Exactly what I was thinking.   I recall James Hunt was considered by many to be one of the most attractive race car drivers.  Read more

I’m a straight dude, but this list does not contain some names I certainly thought it would. Read more

A cautionary note would be Aldo Andretti, who looked just like Mario Andretti until he needed extensive surgery after a crash in 1969. (they were twins) Read more

In order to remain competitive with Tesla, legacy automakers are using this transition as an excuse to build new EV-specific plants in union-hostile states like Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. Read more

It’s more likely that they missed it completely. Read more

Joking aside, looking closely at that and it almost looks like the jack point on the car itself failed. Read more

because literally doing an oil change could be life and death. Read more

My condolences to the owner for having to wait another two years before they can have a replacement to immediately flip. Read more

There is a serious lacking of Trailer Park Boys references in this comment section

There is corrupt, and then there is small town politician corrupt.
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festering piss vapor is a pretty great gutter punk band name. Read more

When I was in university another student had some relatives who did this. One worked for the town the other owned a shady car dealer and the third was a bank manager. Some cars came from the town and were sold at an inflated price at the car dealer with a large downpayment, the financing done by the bank and then they Read more