So you'd prefer an echo chamber where no one commiserates or learns from each other's experiences? Get a tumblr. Read more

oh snap. I can totally see that. Read more

There's a lesson in here for everyone. Read more

I want to live in this thread forever and happily ever after. Read more

I hope the Doritos crumbs are Flaming Asshole flavor and they get in their genital and facial mucous membranes and burn like the dickens. Read more

Excellent points. The Wikipedia entry notes that the valley was managed by Native Americans with brush fires to prevent forest encroachment for millennia before whitey stepped into it. It wasn't all-natural then either. But it served its purpose to the population that controlled it. I'm all for conservation efforts Read more

Just ordered 2 today, one for my bestie's bday and one for me! The shorties, tho. Don't need to be tripping down my stairs after the box wine starts flowing. Read more

You know that made the poor schmo running the CG's whole year. Read more

whoa daddy issues. LMP, not you. Read more

absinthe, like the green wildfire mad King Aerys stocked up on. Read more

In the inevitable Lifetime drama? Not likely. Read more

A man would enjoy brisk exercise after consuming a homemade casserole. Yes. Read more

Same phenomenon: the Salem witch trials. Read more

The leader/follower dynamic is also by far the most common in pair/group criminal acts. Read more

Not just a longer sentence, but also MASSIVE amounts of therapy. If we can't rehabilitate 12 year olds, we might as well just declare the justice system solely punitive and give up on convicts ever becoming productive, accepted members of society. The prison industrial complex will be pleased. Read more

All great, worthy ideas, and all much more likely to be supported than even the weakest and most timid attempts at gun control. Until we can come to grips with our insane gun culture, no real change will occur. Read more

oooh, hadn't considered using my prime membership for snacks, great tip! Read more

I LOVE THOSE!!! Damn I need to get to the Asian supermarket. Read more