Apr 21

Called them and said I had literally borrowed the balance from a family member to pay them that weekend and check was in hand, could I pay up via wire transfer? Read more

Apr 21

“The check is in the mail!” You have to understand they heard the excuse “I was just about to pay you” about a million and a half times. Especially as you admit, you were delinquent on many other accounts, and then went into bankruptcy. They just saw it coming. Don’t blame YOUR situation and decision to go into Read more

Dec 25

I thought the Northstar was a traditional part of HanuCar (at your Miami-area Cadillac dealer).

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Dec 24

Look. I don’t have a problem with your Honda Days in general, but can we at least wait until Truck Month is over before breaking out the decorations and corny songs?

Nov 18

Saleen, Roush, Bullitt, and Cobra were all owned by people that actually wanted them. They were garage kept and kept pristine, generally. Read more

Oct 29

The average internet automotive enthusiast doesn't buy new cars. 

Oct 21

You know y’all only want wagons because you can’t have them. Guessing that there’s not a lot of Buick TourX owners in here...

It usually goes like this:
Jalops: OMG, why won’t someone make a wagon?
Buick: Here you go, it’s a wagon!
Jalops: I mean a real euro-style wagon...
Buick: It’s literally a re-badged European wagon. Read more

Oct 20

The answer is Buick Regal TourX. The best wagon American’s aren’t buying. I just bought one and love it. People ask me about it everywhere I go and in 2yrs it has been made(2018,2019) I’ve only seen one other in the wild.

Oct 2

Dogs are even more of a conscious choice than children. Especially once you got dogs #2 and #3, you chose to take on the need for increased space in your housing and your transport.

Sep 20

“I know you want $1500, but will you take a popcorn machine and 2 football tickets to Sunday’s game?

Sep 19

No, I can only post pictures of five. I actually had a pic of one with the t-tops and back off too, and tried to correct the original double posting, and this happened, so I gave up. What Kinja wants, Kinja gets.

Sep 18

When I was in the 10th grade, I took my first family trip to South Korea to meet my stepmom’s family. We stayed about eight weeks over a whole summer. Read more

Sep 4

See here is your problem. Your using logic. This is an Italian car, you don’t buy it because it makes sense. You specifically buy it because it does not make sense. And then you grin from ear to ear every time you turn the key and scoot down the road wth purpose to be a menice to society.

Jul 24

.... “And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity”