Oct 16

Counterpoint: it lacks a numeric keypad and therefore belongs in the very deepest part of the trash.

Oct 14

No biggie. I found a flash drive in the park that has a Word doc in which Donald J. Trump lists his IOUs to numerous off-shore interests and also confesses to having Jeffrey Epstein strangled. It’s completely real.

Oct 8

I know this administration has always been a dumpster fire, but they really are just going hard in on the hood wearing, overt racism now, aren’t they? Read more

Oct 7

I go the other way. It was pretty easy to laugh at the sovereign citizens and keep going about your day. Just ignore their homemade license plate and their weird ranting about being a corporation and you’re fine. Read more

Oct 7

The next time I come to Newark Airport I am bringing Donald Trump and the U.S. Military down on your f****** head for your involvement in Hillary/Maxwell/Epstein’s child trafficking ring and 9/11. Read more

Oct 7

I really hope AMD will reveal something special tomorrow, something to at least get close to Intel when it comes to gaming performance. Not because I game myself, but because I want to see Intel get uncomfortable to push them forward. Competition is good.

Then again I guess they don’t have much to worry about with such Read more

Sep 25

Did these same Republican Senators protest at all when it was announced America’s government (ie, THEY) separated small children from families seeking asylum and incarcerated them? N0?  Who’d a thunk it...

Sep 24

There’s a long list of things Republicans object to right up until it’s them that are doing it. Suddenly all manner of justifications and excuses arise. 

Sep 24

I don’t understand what these people want asking Chinese citizens who are in the spotlight, almost completely rely on their fame within China and are always at risk of being cut off, exiled or worse about these issues. Even if he disagrees with the Uighur detainment it would be career suicide if not actual suicide if Read more

Sep 24

I actually agree with them. But that raises a question....why do they care? They didn’t about the immigration issues here...kids in cages, people dying, atrocities.  They don’t have a problem with cops slaughtering black people in our country.  Their leader praises China constantly (and does a TON of business with Read more

Sep 23

See, that’s why I want a Mitsubishi mirage: I want people to think I have a massive hog